EasyPlayhouse founders Dean Thelen and Scott Flint.

Easy Playhouse is dedicated to providing unique, creative play solutions that inspire the imagination of the leaders of tomorrow. Our eco-friendly playhouse product brings innovation to the marketplace as well as good old-time fun!! It is the only reversible playhouse that serves as an arts & craft activity and provides a safe play environment for your children.
We are founded on the principle that a richer play experience should involve the child’s imagination as well as encouraging the child to be an inherent part of the finished product. As children, we all built home-made forts by putting together sheets, tables, chairs and large boxes to create an imaginary place that was just for us. Kids today have the luxury of turning to Easy Playhouse when they want to have a place all their own and an opportunity to get creative.
Made of durable, heavy-duty corrugated

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cardboard Easy Playhouse products are the perfect place for a child to go for hours of entertainment
Easy Playhouse believes in safe and affordable kids crafts products to unlock the imagination and inspire creative play – while acknowledging our Eco-system to insure sustainability in our World. All of the Easy Playhouse products are made from recycled materials and are safety tested. We pride ourselves on developing sturdy as well as easy to assemble products. Easy Playhouse designers are kids at heart and their love for play shows in the uniqueness of each piece!