Easy Playhouse Showcased on WZZM TV 13 ‘Take Five & Company’

Take Five is a live, local lifestyle show in Grand Rapids, Michigan who featured Easy Playhouse in July 2011! We tackle everything from home improvements and family finances … to pet care, fashion and local entertainment. Learn about new local businesses, check out new restaurants and plan the weekend ahead!

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Easy Playhouse is dedicated to providing unique, creative play solutions to inspire the imagination of the leaders of tomorrow. Our eco-friendly playhouse product brings innovation to the marketplace as well as good old-time fun!! We are founded on the principle that a richer play experience should involve the child’s imagination as well as encouraging the child to be an inherent part of the finished product.

Fox 2 Detroit TV — Made in Michigan: Easy Playhouse

myFoxDetroit.com – June 28, 2011 – Easy Playhouse is a simple idea that is taking off! Now being sold in over 15 states and it got its start right here in Michigan. This Michigan made product is a fun way for kids to use their creativity and stay away from television and video games.

The Easy Playhouse is 100% recyclable and designed to be safe for children. The playhouse is reversible so you essentially get two playhouses for the price of one. Easy Playhouse sells for $40.

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ABC15 Phoenix — Easy playhouse lets kids decorate their own mini retreat

By: Allison Dugaw
©ABC15 Television — Wednesday, May 11, 2011

PHOENIX — Time to have some fun with kids’ stuff! How many toys get played with once or twice and then never thought about again?

We’re all about reusing and recycling at Smart Family, which is why we think the eco-friendly Easy Playhouse is such a cool idea.

We asked the Founder & Vice President, Scott Flint, a few questions about the toy.

SF: What is the Easy Playhouse?

Easy Playhouse is designed for children of all ages to foster their imagination and creativity. The playhouses are 100% recyclable and made in the U.S.A.

It serves as a kids’ craft activity as well as a playhouse that will entertain them for months. Easy Playhouse’s reversible design gives the kids two playhouses for the price of one. Our playhouse has only two pieces that can be assembled in 5 minutes or less.

SF: How did you come up with the idea?

I came up with the idea because one day my son was having more fun playing with a cardboard box than what came inside.

SF: Why do kids love it?

Kids love to have things of their own. Decorating and creating a playhouse using their own ideas and creativity gives them a feeling of pride and ownership.

Watch them take in their dolls or toys and play for hours. Let them have a play date, lunch or sleepover in their own special place.

SF: What are some of Easy Playhouse’s safety features?

All of Easy Playhouse’s products feature a wave cut on all of the edges for child safety.

SF: You have a special for Smart Family viewers?

Smart Family viewers can use the code ABC15 for 25% rebate and free shipping! Use the code at the end of the payment process on our website, www.easyplayhouse.com

Summer Break Special – 25% off plus free shipping (Expires 5/9/11)

Summer Break Special – 25% off plus free shipping (Expires 5/9/11)

Before you know it school will be out! It is hard to believe another year has flown by so fast. It’s was just yesterday that kids were babies, now they’re growing up so fast.

What are your plans to entertain the kids when the school year ends? Wish you could get them away from the TV and video games. Let Easy Playhouse help by providing them days and days of creative fun! Our “Create Your Own” playhouse is the most versatile eco-friendly playhouse on the market. It serves as a kids craft activity as well as a playhouse that will entertain them for months. Easy playhouse’s reversible design gives the kids two playhouses for the price of one. We believe that a richer play experience should involve the child’s imagination as well as encouraging the child to be an inherent part of the finished product.

Go to www.easyplayhouse.com and use coupon code EP25off at the end of order process for the 25% discount and FREE SHIPPING via UPS ground. Need it faster? Not a problem, just upgrade to another shipping option and pay the difference.

Hurry! Offer ends 5/9/2011!

Click here to see some creative possibilities!

Blogger ‘One Bored Mommy’ Says — Easy PlayHouse Is The Answer!

Easy Playhouse review from One Bored Mommy Blog:

One of my fondest memories, as a child, is of my parents converting a huge “refrigerator” box into a playhouse for my sister and I to play in. My mom went all out…and even used wrapping paper on the outside. I remember sitting in that thing, listening to the radio inside, hiding out in it when I was upset, etc. Best of all, that cardboard box playhouse offered me the opportunity to leave my house (in my mind) and be in a world all of my own.

So, now that I have kids, I love the opportunity to find products (and the businesses that sell them) to bring that same creativity and opportunity for imaginative play to my kids.

The best part about this cardboard playhouse? I can fold it up and put it away for play later (if I want) and when the weather is nice, we can pull it outside for play out there too.

In my opinion, this is a well spent $39.99 (though ours was sent free of charge for this review/feature). Why? TRUST ME…they will get that much play, and probably more out of it. My girls currently have every blanket in the house layered in the bottom and the playing hasn’t stopped since it was built.

Read the entire review and check out the cool photos at One Bored Mommy’s blog.

Easy Playhouse Photoshoot

What a great weekend for Easy Playhouse! We invited over our nieces and nephews to decorate and play with Easy Playhouse so we could get some action shots to use for our new website and PR campaign.

Sunday they all arrived about one o’clock for pizza, drinks and treats. Seven kids were excited to be included in a party type atmosphere. They put on their capes, crowns, party hats, princess dresses and got right to it. We all set-up the playhouse and started decorating with stickers, markers, paints and plenty of imagination. After and hour or so we needed to get some pictures in different settings. We simply moved the playhouse from one room to the next and the kids followed like a train. If you ever have tried to keep 7 young kids attention one thing for very long, you’ll understand impressive this was. It is very exciting to know that Easy Playhouse can keep kids interest so long even when most of them had played with it many times before.

I am happy to say we took about 1100 pictures and no less than 200-300 are usable for a number of different projects.

Until next time. Have fun, play hard and use your imagination.

Easy Playhouse in NYC!

After a product launch during the holiday season in the local mall we were excited to take Easy Playhouse on the road. We had learned a great deal interacting with the end purchasers and were eager to share with retailers and buyers. Our first trip was to the Toy Fair in New York city in February.

We arrived a day early to ensure our booth and materials had also arrived and were ready to go. Thankfully everything had made it and we hit the ground running on day one. The amount of buyers and interest overwhelmed us in a most exciting way. We had planned on working the booth and spending the nights exploring the big apple. This plan never actually materialized because of the hundreds of leads that needed to be filed and contacted. I have worked trade shows in other industries many times but was not prepared for the constant and never-ending interested buyers coming to our booth. There were never any down times and the overall excitement level kept us from ever feeling tired or worn down. At nights we would head back to the hotel to eat and review the day. I am sorry to say that the only thing we saw in New York was the convention center, hotel and anything on the walk in-between. At least Time Square was on the walk so we saw that twice a day.

Toy Fair was a success for us on so many levels. We met some great people there on all levels of industry. Many of our colleagues with newer products were more than eager to share their experiences and offer us advice that we are using and plan to use. We filled many orders for mom and pop stores and can now say we are in stores from Mississippi to California. We are also still in the process of closing deals with some large school suppliers and big box companies.

Until next time. Have fun, play hard and use your imagination!